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About Us

Guy Hawkins


About Us

Welcome to DOORTUITION, the ultimate platform connecting knowledge and experience with the learners. Our mission is to foster a vibrant community of senior students who are passionate about sharing their expertise with junior students who are eager to learn and grow.

At DOORTUITION, we understand that learning doesn't only take place within the confines of a classroom. Some of the most impactful lessons come from peer-to-peer interactions, where shared experiences and insights pave the way for growth. That's why we've created a unique space where senior students, who might not be professional teachers but possess valuable knowledge, can connect with junior students seeking guidance.

For Students Seeking Knowledge:

Are you a junior student in search of guidance beyond textbooks? Look no further. Browse through our diverse selection of profiles, each belonging to a senior student excited to share their wisdom with you. Whether it's acing that challenging subject, understanding study techniques, or getting insights into university life, your learning journey starts here.

For Students Ready to Share:

Are you a senior student who has mastered the art of time management, note-taking, or any subject matter? Your knowledge is invaluable! Join our community of mentors and showcase your expertise. Inspire and guide junior students who are eager to learn from your experiences.

How It Works:

  1. 1. Registration: Senior students create their mentor profiles, highlighting their areas of expertise and personal academic qualification.

  2. 2. Browse and Connect: Junior students explore mentor profiles and select the ones that resonate with their learning goals.

  3. 3. Learn and Grow: Through direct mentorship at junior student's home, students and mentors connect to share insights, knowledge, and advices.

Please keep in mind:

None of our mentors are professional teacher.

We do not decide the fees of our mentors, it is decided in conversation of parents and mentors.


Our Mission

We envision a world where the pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds. Where barriers between age groups dissolve, and the thirst for learning unites us all. Our vision is to break away from traditional teaching norms and empower individuals to become both learners and teachers, regardless of their academic titles.


Why Us ?

lucy Chen

Unlike traditional educational platforms, DOORTUITION empowers students to become teacher while they are studying in the college, because they can build a connection with the student way better than a professional teacher.